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Asset Protection Planning

While protecting your hard earned assets is crucial, your Family's Wealth is about more than just money.  It's our belief that in addition to the financial or tangible assets your have, your intangible assets--the Human Assets, Intellectual Assets, Stories, and Family Values--are equally, if not more important than the money you leave behind.  While we implement advanced planning strategies to prevent you from losing your hard earned assets, every plan we build contemplates preservation of the intangibles which make your family unique.

Collecting Seashells

Our Approach

Divorce, inheritance, health issues, creditors, employees, theft, changing markets, malpractice suits, sexual harassment claims, natural disasters and disgruntled business partners are just a few life altering events that impact your estate plan.

The highest level of risk falls on those who think they are immune.

Americans are more concerned now than ever about protecting their assets from pandemics, creditor claims, taxes, divorce, and other disasters – and rightly so.

The more success you have, the more exposed you are as others see your success grow.

Here is some areas of risk you may be overlooking right now:

  • Will you soon be signing loan documents, a personal guarantee, or a lease?

  • Do you have rental properties or employees?

  • Are you an attorney, physician, or other licensed professional?

  • Do you work in construction or perform services for others?

  • Are you divorced, or getting married into a blended family?

  • Do you have children from a prior marriage or separate property assets?

  • Do you or your parents need to start planning for Long Term Health Care?


With proper planning, none of these things need to negatively impact you, or your family.

At Soundview Law Group, we help you implement plans to structure your life (and, if you're a business owner, your business) so you maximize opportunities and minimize stress, worry, and risk.

We assist our clients in determining the appropriate level of asset protection planning for their particular circumstances.

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Who We Help

Nuclear families

Blended/Modern families

Non-traditional families

Divorced couples

Professional service providers

Landlord and tenants

Restaurant owners

Those who want to protect their tangible and intangible assets

What We Do

While no two plans are the same, we generally start with Foundational Estate Planning.  Depending on your needs, we supplement your foundation with specific  strategies to maximize asset protection given your personalized needs.  Our plans are packaged in a way that allow you to customize options best for you and your family.  All fees are flat-rate and agreed to in advance so there are no surprises. 


Foundational Estate Planning


Lifetime Asset Protection Trusts for Beneficiaries


Domestic Asset Protection Trusts


Qualified Domestic Trusts


Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts


Special Needs Trusts


Other Irrevocable Trusts Depending On Your Circumstances

Did You Know?

54 pecent no will.PNG


U.S. Adults Without a Last Will

billion stat.PNG


In Unclaimed Property in NY


15 Months

Average Time Spent in NY Probate Court

According to
According to New York State
According to

Dying without a Will means a stranger – a probate judge – makes all of the decisions for your family during a time of grief, including potentially who should be guardian of your minor children.

When you do not leave a current inventory of your assets that your family can easily find when something happens, your assets could go unclaimed, never even benefitting your family.

Probate is a lengthy process.  In New York, Probate can range from only a few weeks, up to a few years, with the average family spending 15 months in court which can be completely avoided with planning.

Free Report

Six Mistakes Families Make When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney

Most families operate in the dark when it comes to securing their legacy for their loved ones.  But you can avoid these mistakes today by discovering exactly what to consider when hiring the best estate planning attorney for your family.
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