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Why Cost Matters

We get that you want to know exactly what it costs before you start a relationship with a lawyer.

"How much will this cost?" is a good question that you should ask, and we will answer as clearly as possible, given that we do not offer a “one-size-fits-all solution” for every family.

If a lawyer can tell you exactly what your plan would cost without a comprehensive discovery process, we would personally run.

The reason  is because when you shop around based exclusively on price, you end up with a set of documents that do not actually work when the family needs them, because you're entering into a transaction and not a meaningful relationship.  And those documents that don't work may end up costing you more money in down the line anyway and put immeasurable stress onto family members who have to deal with things when you're gone.

We personalize every plan to your individual situation and goals, and any planning decisions are made together instead of by the attorney.  In fact, you actually select the fee option based on your budget and planning goals, so you don't end up paying for things you don't need or don't want. 


What we find is most people call us saying "I need a Will, how much does it cost?"  And after going through our Family Wealth Planning Session, while it may be true that they actually need a Will, they may need a more comprehensive plan that offers supporting documents that secure protection for their minor children if they become incapacitated, or have medical or financial decisions made on their behalf.  And for those that really only need a Will, we help direct them to best available option at the most economical solution because at the end of the day, we know there will be more economical choices for people who don't need or want our full suite of services. 


And that's OK!  We just want you to make those decision with all the information at hand and not because somebody told you what to do.


Our fees start at $2,500 for family's just getting started in life who need help protecting their minor children, up to  $8,500 for those with highly realized financial assets and requiring maximum protection for their children's future.  Generally speaking, most clients will fall somewhere in between and plans can always be upgraded over time.  


Budgets are important.  You can and should read up to learn why defining the outcome you want first may be beneficial in establishing your budget.  Then, you will be able to identify whether you want to work with an attorney like us who strives to serve you for life, or whether you want to work with another option where services provided may be a one time transaction.

Here Is What I Can Assure You

Our estate planning options are designed at the intersection of affordability and effectiveness.

We start the planning process with a Family Wealth Planning Session, which is designed to get you more financially organized than you have ever been before.

Even if you choose not to work with us, the preparation for your Family Wealth Planning Session alone is a tremendous value for you and your family because you will leave with a full inventory of your assets and ensure you know exactly what you have and where it is located.

When we meet in person, we will review everything you own and discuss everyone you love to understand what would happen, practically speaking, if something ever happened to you.


If you do not have a plan, we will review the plan New York State has for you.  If you do have an existing plan, we will conduct a comprehensive Estate Plan Review.

If you are not happy with the plan New York has for you, or your existing plan, you will tell us what you would want to change and we will look at the most effective, efficient and affordable way to achieve your goals.


Plus, we will help ensure that no matter what happens to you, your hard-earned assets will not be lost to the state department of unclaimed property when something happens to you.

The most important takeaway?  You will be making informed, educated, empowered decisions for the people you love, not just shopping around based on price.  

​You Choose Your Planning Level

The Family Wealth Planning Session is valued at $750.

We will waive this fee if you do the preparation homework ahead of time and return it 3 days prior to our appointment.  


To schedule, use the link below or call our office.   If booking online, follow the instructions to prepare for your appointment.


We offer a complete zeroing out of the planning session fee because your commitment to the preparation before the meeting saves all of us time and helps us better serve you.  That partnership should save you money.  And by the way, we think that you will actually enjoy doing the homework because it will result in your being more organized than you have ever been before.

If after reading this you are ready to make informed, empowered, educated decisions for the people you love (instead of just shopping around for the cheapest plan, which is unlikely to work when your family needs it), call us or click the link below to schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session today.

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