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Estate Planning

At Soundview Law Group, P.C. our focus is on helping you make decisions that are in your best interest, not ours.  We customize estate plans to help improve your life and ensure your legacy.  We guide you to organize your financial life and make legal decisions that help keep everyone you love out of court and conflict after you pass away.

Our Approach

Do you love your family, but wonder what would happen to them if (and when) something happens to you? 

Life is full of complex legal and financial decisions, but you don't need to make those decisions alone.

Perhaps you know your life and legacy is about more than just money, but maybe you're not exactly sure how that translates to Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives, and Powers of Attorney.   Maybe you're thinking about Estate Planning because you saw an online legal service provider advertising "do it yourself" estate planning for a few hundred dollars., but you're not sure you will do it correctly so want to learn more before moving forward.

It's a common scenario, but if you're considering one of those online company's that simply generates a set of documents that may or may not work when your family needs them to, consider this:


How will you make sure that you've selected the plan you actually want?  Who will your family turn to as a trusted advisor to help them make sense of your DIY plan after you're gone?

These are only a few questions you should be asking, and it is also why our process starts with a Family Wealth Planning Session, not getting documents in place that may or may not work for you.

With our help, you will feel confident that you have made all the right choices about the use of your resources while living, and that your family will be left with support and a clear plan if you become ill,  injured, or pass away.

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Who We Help


Life Partners

Parents with children

Single parents

Blended/Modern families

Middle class families

High net worth families

Multigenerational families

LGBTQ families

Seniors and caregivers

What We Do

The start of our process begins with a Family Wealth Planning Session, where you will get more organized than ever before.  We use a shared decision making process to create personalized plans that  include all of the following, depending on your needs.  Our plans are thoughtfully packaged and customizable for you and your family, and all of our fees are flat-rate and agreed to in advance so there are no surprises.  Our plans are built to work for you today, and systems are implemented to ensure you can change your plan as your life, assets, and the law change over time.


Wills, Trusts, and General Powers of Attorney


Health Care Directives and Medical Powers of Attorney


Guardianship Nominations 


Asset Protection Planning


Special Needs Planning


Probate Administration


Trust Administration

Did You Know?

54 pecent no will.PNG


U.S. Adults Without a Last Will

billion stat.PNG


In Unclaimed Property in NY


15 Months

Average Time Spent in NY Probate Court

According to
According to New York State
According to

Dying without a Will means a stranger – a probate judge – makes all of the decisions for your family during a time of grief, including potentially who should be guardian of your minor children.

When you do not leave a current inventory of your assets that your family can easily find when something happens, your assets could go unclaimed, never even benefitting your family.

Probate is a lengthy process.  In New York, Probate can range from only a few weeks, up to a few years, with the average family spending 15 months in court which can be completely avoided with planning.

Free Report

Six Mistakes Families Make When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney

Most families operate in the dark when it comes to securing their legacy for their loved ones.  But you can avoid these mistakes today by discovering exactly what to consider when hiring the best estate planning attorney for your family.
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