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Your family is unique.  Your estate plan should be too.  That’s why we start each client-attorney relationship with a discovery process we call a Family Wealth Planning Session.  There, we will inventory everything you own, and everyone you love, and consider it all in a 1 to 2-hour working meeting. 


This is not a time wasting “meet and greet” consultation.  It's a productive, working meeting that will get you more organized than ever before, and at a minimum, you will leave with a clear understanding of what would happen to all of your assets and all of your loved ones if you became incapacitated or suddenly died.  There's no obligation to do any additional estate planning with me after your session.  At the end of your session, you'll have the education and information you need to evaluate the cost and benefits of planning with Soundview Law Group, P.C. versus the costs of doing nothing, DIY planning, or working with a traditional "documents only" attorney.

The Family Wealth Planning Session costs $750.  However, we will waive the fee if you are willing to prepare for your session ahead of time by completing some "homework." The "homework" is a questionnaire called the Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment.  By completing this questionnaire in advance, you provide us with background information about your assets, your family, your goals, and your values, so we can make the best use of our time together instead of going through these questions during our session together.  

Having completed “homework” is a critical first step in figuring out exactly what your estate planning needs are, so we can design one that will actually work for your family when they need it.  In addition, if you are married or planning with a partner or spouse, both of you must attend the session in order to have the $750 session fee waived, so be sure to schedule your session for a date when both of you are available.

Ready to get started?  Click the link below and schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session today.

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