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Free eBook

If the unthinkable ever happens to you, the unthinkable can happen to your children.  This free eBook with a silly title removes the intimidation factor for parents who need to learn about the improtance of estate planning, especially those who have minor children.



There are lots of ways to learn, and they don't all need to by reading a book.  Whether its attending a Wine & Wills event, hosting one yourself, or learning on your own by attending a webinar, we can help you learn about estate planning in an environment that suits what you're looking for.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We hear it all the time, so don't be shy about asking.  Just know that estate planning (at least the way we do it) is not a one size fits all approach.  Our fees are priced at the intersection of effectiveness and affordability, and we only move forward if the cost of doing nothing is more than the cost of our plans.

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