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Who We Are

Blue Water
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Anthony J. Farina, Esq.
Founder, Managing Attorney

Tony has spent his entire life on the East Coast, but always considered Long Island home after graduating from Northport High School in 2006.  After realizing there was not enough attorneys focused on educating people about the importance of estate planning on Long Island, Tony decided to start his own firm to fill the void in his community. Tony believes that the traditional practice of law can be flawed, often escalating conflict or driving high legal fees.  As a result, he started his own firm, implementing a new way of serving families through estate planning and empowering clients to make decisions that best align with their individual needs, goals and objectives. His mission is to help clients create sound family legacies for generations, and he encourages others to think of estate planning as a great way to protect the ones you love, create a full life and leave the world a better place for the ones you love.


Before founding the firm, Tony had a decade long career in the hospitality industry and approaches clients with a service first mindset.  His previous legal experience includes time with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and professional sports agency, Wasserman in the Team Sports Legal Department. A husband and father, Tony understands estate planning from both sides of the table.  Outside of office hours and delivering presentations on protecting Family Wealth, Tony is probably on the water, playing bogey golf, watching baseball, spending time with his family, or planning the next family vacation.

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Rachel Farina
General Manager

A native New Yorker with ties to Florida, Rachel fell in love with Long Island when they moved here in 2017.  With a background in hospitality and marketing, Rachel serves as the firm's General Manager.  In addition to managing office administration and assisting with Client Services, Rachel manages Community Outreach initiatives. She also coordinates Kids Guardianship Naming Workshops for Mom's Groups, Elementary Schools, Sports Organizations and other local affinity groups.  Rachel believes that children are a family's greatest asset and strives to give parents the education and tools required to protect them at all costs.

Rachel's hospitality background includes time as an Executive with luxury hotels in South Florida, California, and New York City.  She is always down to pickup a burrito bowl from Chipotle or a pepperoni pizza.  She consistently beats Tony at Checkers and recently Monopoly.  As a wife and mother, Rachel helped shape the firm's method of serving families.  When not working, Rachel is playing hide and seek with the kiddos, putting out a serious spread of eats for the family, or dreaming about travel and wine (in particular, Napa Cabs).

Our Philosophy

At Soundview Law Group, P.C. we believe in shared decision making.  Our role as your attorney should be to educate and guide you to make decisions that are in your best interest, not ours.


To accomplish this, we have implemented a unique process that allows you to educate us on your family dynamics, biggest dreams for life, your financial situation, and goals for creating a family legacy that lasts for generations.  After identifying those items, we educate you on the law and what would happen as things presently stand, and discuss if there is anything you would like to change.  Once we are clear, we discuss all the available options to help bring your estate plan into alignment with your vision. Once you have all the information, you only move forward if the cost of planning is less than the cost of doing nothing.


Our goal is not to have you complete a one-sized fits all estate plan that may or may not work when your family needs it most.  Our goal is to deliver a plan and process to make sure the plan works over time, so we can become your family's trusted advisor for life.


After meeting with us, prospective clients should be more organized than they ever have been before, and should know what they need to do in order to properly prepare for the possibility of incapacity and the certainty of death. Prospective clients should also know how to ensure their family stays out of court and conflict, and that their minor children and assets are cared for and managed by the people they want, in the manner they want, no matter what.

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Want to learn more?  Read on to learn more about our unique approach...

Three Levels of Planning

Estate planning should not be a “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” model.  We do not expect you to fit into anyone else’s mold and neither should your estate plan.

That's why we offer three planning levels to suit varying needs, and after learning about our levels in a Family Wealth Planning Session, you get to choose the level of planning that best fits your family.

From starter plans, designed primarily for families with young children and not yet much in the way of financial wealth, to more robust plans for well-established families concerned with matters of asset protection, increased growth and preservation, we have you covered.

It's almost a guarantee that your life and needs will change over time.  That means as your life changes, so must your estate plan.  That is why we place tremendous emphasis on our long term relationship as your Personal Family Lawyer.  Rather than simply taking orders and providing a set of documents which may or may not work when your family needs it to, we get invested in you, your family, your future, and your legacy.

We Help You Ensure Your Plan Is Current

​Your life will change over time, and so will the law.  Your estate plan needs to change with it.

That's why we offer a complimentary review every 3 years with every client to ensure your plan works over time.  We work with you as these changes happen to ensure that your assets are always owned in the right way, and because we operate on a flat fee, you are able to feel confident calling us without worrying about receiving a bill in the mail to answer your questions. For those seeking more frequent reviews or substantial changes, we have designed an a la carte service for future needs or an annual membership to help defray future costs on significant plan changes.

Whether you participate in one of these programs or not, we keep all of our clients updated about changes in the law and issues that might affect your life.

We aim to serve the whole family and multiple generations of the same family, and offer free estate checkups for elderly parents to basic planning documents for young adult children. 


We are focused on growing along with you and making sure you have a plan that works today, but more importantly, one that works when you need it to. 

Personalized Service And Fees

We have priced our planning for you at the intersection of affordability and effectiveness, and you will choose your own fee based on your budget and the planning options that are more important for your family.

Depending on what you need, which will be identified in our Family Wealth Planning Session, our fees range from $2,500 for families who need not worry about probate because of their limited assets, to $9,500 and up depending on the need for complex advanced planning strategies that mitigate estate tax burdens and shield assets from the possibly of loss to the the Government or New York State. 


Generally speaking, most people fall somewhere in between.  

We represent families throughout varying stages of life:

  • ​Traditional two parent families or single parents wishing to provide for and protect their children and themselves;

  • ​Unmarried and/or Same Sex Couples who are either solidifying their relationship through proper planning or dissolving their relationship with the assistance of caring counsel;

  • ​Blended families negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations;

  • ​Families with special needs looking to ensure that their children with special needs will be taken care of and able to continue to receive government assistance;

  • ​High net worth families seeking strategies for minimizing estate and income taxes;

  • Elder couples and individuals needing to protect assets yet qualify for Medicaid or long term care;

  • ​Estate executors and beneficiaries navigating the court process of probate administration; and

  • ​Family members or trustees carrying out the legacy left behind through a trust administration.

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